Cabana Beach Towels

100% Cotton Dyeing. Wide Color Stripe Design. Luxurious And Stylish. Soft And Skin Friendly. Hot Sale To Hotel And Household.

Our stylish cotton beach towel are with multiple colors. Different colors give us different feeling.


●Material: 100% Cotton Dyeing

●Design: Wide Color Stripe Design

●Size: 70*140cm 80*150cm or customized

●Color:Yellow and white; green and white;blue and white


2、Bath towel considerations

Bath towel is one of the indispensable household textile products, it is often because they look "very small" and ignore its cleaning and maintenance. Every language spin reminds you that towels should be frequently cleaned dry, don't hang up.

You must think big and small towels, use microscopes to observe small drops of water when you flush the toilet throwing up, you'd find out, they can splash to several meters high, so any bacteria in the bathroom are likely to run into your bath towel, as well as our toothbrush may also be doomed.

If you put a bath towel from near the toilet, or is it best to move them to a safe place, away from the toilet at least 3 meters away from the every day enough towels on the sun terrace or window "bathe" the Sun. Especially at home recover from cold or cough recover after a few days, in addition to drying towels, but should also be fully all towels soaked with a disinfectant and wash it.

Sensitive skin, skin colour dull, worsening skin condition, is caused by a small, subcutaneous inflammation. This time is health pay special attention to towels, towels not too "luxury", but always new, safety and health in the new than in the old.

Sisal's health cannot be ignored, many people think that simply after scrub rub out of the shower to wash it is kept clean, in fact is not. Scrub most of the two-tier structure, in the space between the lining and the surface is prone to filth and very easy to remove.

Scrub and bath towels were dirty, because when bathing, body mud and dandruff due to external force was hidden deep in the sisal fiber gap, if you simply wash can't wash scrub. Best solution is try to keep scrub clean, sanitary and dry, then put it in the air and sunny places to hang out. Sisal prices are not high, conditions should be ensured for ever new.


3、How to Select Towel Sizes

View the chart below and make a selection that’s just right for you.

Type Size Description
Bath Towel 27 x 52 inches to 30 x 58 inches This essential towel is the foundation   for the bathing experience and used for drying off after your bath/shower.
Hand Towel 16 x 28 inches to 18 x 30 inches This everyday towel is used to dry hands   and to add color and style to your bathroom décor.
Wash Cloth 13 x 13 inches This petite towel can be used in the   shower/bath and to wash hands, body, and face.
Finger Towel 11x18 inches This accent, sometimes decorative towel   is most often used for guests in place of a hand towel.
Tub Mat 27 x 52 inches This absorbent and sturdy towel is used   outside the bath/shower to provide a safe, dry place for you to land after   bathing.
Bath Sheet 35 x 60 inches to 40 x 70 inches This extravagant oversized towel is a   perfect way to dry off after a bath/shower and for the beach too!


4、How to choose a good towel

The raw material of the towel directly determines the quality of the towel, and the price of different raw materials varies greatly. The raw materials used for quality towels must be 100% cotton, 21s, 21s/2, 32s, 32s/2, or 40s. The advantage of cotton hotel towels is that they cannot be compared to other chemical fiber towels. How to distinguish whether the hotel towel is pure cotton, just pay attention to the following points:

1.  water absorption: 

cotton hotel towels have good water absorption, take a cotton towel gently into the water, if towels absorptly rapidly and sink quickly, you can remove and wring dry, suspend it, no water droplets ,it is of the cotton. Polyester towel absorbs water slowly. After it has been wrung out, there are water droplets when hang vertically.

2.  Appearance: 

The pure cotton towel has good whiteness, the color of polyester towel is dark.It is easy to differ.

3.  Combustion method: 

Take one fiber from different towels and burn it with a lighter. The cotton has a natural gray smell. After the fire extinguishing head of the fiber is turned on. Polyester towel burns quickly and smells. After extinguishing the head of the fiber, it extinguishes.


5、How To Wash Towels

Washing used towels every week is important to maintain good hygiene and freshness. Towels that have been washed and dried properly will stay mildew-free for longer, saving you money and shopping time. The instructions below can be applied to hand towels or bath towels, with or without a washing machine and dryer.

1. Wash used towels about once a week

Some manufacturers and home advice columnists recommend washing your towels every three or four days, but if your towels are kept in a ventilated area away from steam, you can keep them fresh with a wash once every week or so.

If your towels develop a new smell, or if you live in a damp climate where mildew thrives, you should wash your towels every few days.

2. Wash towels separately from other clothing (optional)

Towels tend to absorb colors of other clothing, shed lint, and trap smaller clothes items, which results in a less effective wash.While it's fine to mix loads if you'd like to save money, time, or energy, be aware that a separate towel load will produce best results.

You may wish to wash your towels separately if you used them to clean up a particularly filthy mess, so you don't expose your clothing to stains or germs.

3. Sort laundry loads by color

White and light colored laundry items will become discolored if washed with dark colored items, while the dark items will fade over time. Towels are especially absorbent, so if you want to maintain their appearance you should only wash them in separate light and dark loads. This is especially true of new towels.

Colored towels should only be washed with the light load if they are faint pastel or pale yellow in color. Otherwise, wash them in the dark load.

4. Wash new towels with special care before using

Wash them before using to remove special softener that manufacturers use to improve appearance, since that substance makes the towel less absorbent. Because new towels are especially likely to lose their color, use half the usual amount of detergent and add 1/2 – 1 cup of white vinegar (120 – 240 mL) onto the towels to minimize later color bleeding.

If you wish to be especially careful, use this vinegar method the first two or three times you wash a towel.

5. Wash towels with half the usual amount of detergent

Too much soap can damage towels and make them less fluffy. If your load only contains towels, use half the amount of detergent recommended by the manufacturer.If you are washing luxury or extra delicate towels, be sure to use a detergent labeled mild. Detergent typically goes into a tray labeled for this purpose, or is poured directly into some top-load washers.

Use an ordinary amount of detergent when washing towels in a load with tougher clothing, or if the towels are heavily soiled.

Instructions should be included on the packaging of your detergent. Many liquid detergents have a cap that can be used as a cup, with a line indicating the recommended quantity to use for a typical load.

6. Learn which temperatures are suitable for which towels

Most white and light-colored towels should be washed in hot water. Most dark towels should be washed in warm water, as hot water can make them bleed. However, if your towels are linen or have a decorative trim or delicate fibers, a cold wash will preserve them best.

You may still need to wash delicate towels on warm instead of cold if they become heavily soiled. The hotter the water, the cleaner and more sanitized the towels will be.

7. Use fabric softeners sparingly or not at all

Fabric softeners are optional additions to your laundry load that are typically added in a special tray, separate from your detergent. While they make your clothing supple and soft, they will decrease the absorbency of your towels. Only use fabric softener if you are willing to sacrifice your towel's life span for greater fluffiness, and only do so once every three or four washes.

Consult your washing machine manual if you cannot find the fabric softener tray.

8. Sanitize the towels every third or fourth load with non-chlorine bleach or white vinegar

Add 1/2 cup (120 mL) white vinegar to the detergent once every few loads to keep your towels free of odors and mildew. For a more heavy-duty sanitation, you can use 3/4 cup (180 mL) non-chlorine bleach instead, making sure to use color-safe bleach if your towels are dark in color.

Bleach should be placed in the tray labeled for this purpose. If your top-load machine does not have a bleach compartment, mix the bleach with 1 quart water and pour into the machine 5 minutes after the load began.

Vinegar is best added during the final rinse when used for this purpose. Pour it into the fabric softener tray, or simply open a top-load washer near the end of the wash and pour it in directly.

9. Shake your towels slightly between washing and drying

When you remove your towels from the wash, give them a small shake to keep the surface fibers fluffy and absorbent. See the Drying section below for instructions on how to dry your towels.


6、Towel care


Ethnic patterns: bath towels pattern like the beauty of nature as rich, plain weave, satin, spiral, cut pile, no twisting, jacquard and other processes, is able to weave beautiful patterns. Pattern clear full, clear and strong sense of relief, soft pile carefully, soft to the touch and comfortable for the top grade.

Ethnic patterns popular not only in fashion and home accessories on the limelight. In General, the plain coloured towels in the production process as far as possible without using dyes, printing and dyeing, even before using dyes for environmentally friendly dyes, without any additives.


Bath towels are not as thick as possible, and too heavy after the wet towel and slow to dry, is not easy to carry out and change it frequently. Therefore, the towels the weight per square metre is a measure of its quality keywords. Thick and light, is the best bath towels features of, can guarantee the towel feels fluffy and comfortable.

A thick, rather, durable towel weighs about 500 g, a standard size bath towels, weighing 450 grams, meet the standard towel light weight, dry speed is fast, suitable for carrying.


Due to the towel is in direct contact with the body, daily necessities, so in the production process to be bleached, dyed, comfort and other chemical processes. Soft, absorbent and durable towel for the top grade. Best towel is always in the detail of the superior chip, such as clean, beautiful, do hidden in signs next to the junction, which is more durable.

7、How to deal with the towel pilling problems

Firstly,new towel can be floating. A small amount of pilling is a normal phenomenon. Secondly,the dose should be 80% of the machine capacity. It is easy to get twined if more towels in the machine.It will get mechanical force and more friction if less towels in the machine. Thirdly,new towel cannot add softeners, softener increases the coefficient of expansion and enhances contact area, which can get pilling.Last but not the least, the quality of detergent is essential.


8、How To Measure The Quality Of A Bath Towel

A bath towel’s quality is measured by its gram weight, which is a number that represents how many grams the towel weighs per square meter. The higher the grams per square meter (GSM), the denser the fibers of the towel are, making it softer and more absorbent. A GSM between 300 and 400 makes for a thinner towel, whereas a GSM of 450 to 600 is plush. A GSM of 700 or higher is considered luxury hotel quality.

Step 1

Check the GSM. Choose hand towels that have at a GSM of at least 400 to make sure they are sufficiently soft. For bath towels, choose ones that have a GSM of 500 or higher.

Step 2

Check the fiber content. The towel should be made of either 100 percent natural fibers or microfiber. Turkish and Egyptian cotton have longer fibers that make the fabric softer and stronger, and combed cotton will resist pilling. Bamboo and hemp are more absorbent than cotton, and have antimicrobial properties. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is ultra absorbent and softer than cotton.

Step 3

Take the towel off of the shelf and feel how heavy it is. High-quality towels are more densely woven and will feel heavier than they look.

Step 4

Examine the towel’s pile. The pile is the looped or cut fibers that make up the towel’s surface. Uncut fibers are more absorbent, because the loop absorbs the majority of the water. Generally, longer loops are more absorbent and make the towels feel fluffier. Cut or sheared fibers may feel soft, but they won’t soak up as much moisture.

Step 5

Look for a tightly packed pile. The denser the loops are, the more absorbent the towel will be. On a high-quality towel, you should not be able to see the base of the towel through the pile.

Step 6

Inspect the towel’s edges. The edges should be double turned and double stitched to provide proper reinforcement. This will prevent the towel from fraying and ensure it has a longer life.


9、 Advatages of our company

(1). Qualified and Trustworthy Hospitality Linen Manufacturer and Supplier since 1984

(2). Reliable Quality Control

(3). Competitive Price for Mass production

(4). High Efficiency working (24*7hours)

(5). One-Stop Service for Hotel linen Products



10、Packing and Shipping

Fast Shipping: DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, FedEx,etc.

Mass Shipping:air, sea and land transportation



Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are professional manufacturer specialized in orthopedic and sport products. And we trade our products with our clients directly.


Q: Can you do OEM and ODM?

A: Yes, OEM and ODM are both acceptable. The material, color, style can customize, the basic quantity we will advise after we discuss.


Q: Can we use our own logo?

A: Yes, we can embroider your private logo according to your request.


Q: How many packaging do you have?

A: We have five packages including PE bag, hand bag, zip lock bag, colorful box and white box currently.


Q: Can you do our own packaging?

A: Yes, you just provide the package design and we will produce what you want. We also have the professional designer can help you do the packaging design.  

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