Hot Sale Antibacterial Washable Pillow

100% Polyester Brushed Fabric, Checked Pattern Quilted with Antibacterial Fiber. Fill High Quality Polyester Fiber. Soft and Skin Friendly. Long-Lasting Antibacterial. Suitable for Side Sleeper and Stomach Sleeper.

The bed pillows are made of high quality 100% cotton 233tc downproof shell stuffed with the finest down alternative polyester. The pillow is characterized by 3d mesh fabric around, which makes the pillow more breathable.


✔Size: 48*74cm or Customized.

✔100% Cotton Down Proof Fabric

✔Fill High Quality Polyester Fiber

✔Four Gussets Mesh Fabric

✔White Piping All Around  

2、Basic classification

Classification of Pillow also varied, the ancients have the pillows is classified into winter pillow, pillow or soft and hard pillow, this category is very much in the way of summer like a cool pillow, pursuit of warm pillow in the winter, it was like a firm pillow, some like soft pillows. Modern people pillow features in accordance with different into pillows, lumbar pillow, pillow, ear, knee pillow, etc. And from pillow core material Shang classification on more has: Jade, and magnet, stone class pillow; ebony, and cedar, wood class pillow; summary Atsuko, and Silkworm sand, and chrysanthemum, medicine pillow; cotton, and acquisition velvet and the various chemical fiber pillow, soft pillow class, also has water pillow, and gas pillow, and tea pillow, pillow, suitable of treasure of Pillow world, currently including has 12 big class, more than 50 more class function. These pillows are in a different era, with different characteristics are loved by people, the performance of practicality also have their pros and cons


3、Cervical pillows for the crowd

Needs populations

Strain, and cervical spine office workers, working at his desk for a long time, maintaining a fixed position, cervical pain stiffness, back pain, dizziness, nausea, or cervical disease has occurred, professionals such as teachers, drivers!

Second, poor quality sleep insomnia dream

Sleep, dreams, wake up early, night, sleep, and sleep did not recover from fatigue and other low quality sleep!

Third, snoring people

Because sleep is a peculiar, snoring habits for a long time, apnea syndrome in males!

Four women, skin problems

More dark yellow, rough skin, wrinkles, dark circles under severe, depression, early menopause, premature female!

People aged five, suffering from heart and brain blood vessel disease

Suffering from cardiovascular disease and awareness of older people.


 4、Main structure

Pillows by pillows and pillow covers two parts. Pillow core need fill material, makes pillow in using Shi keep must of height, currently pillow market Shang fill material variety, which has Chinese herbal medicines as summary Atsuko, and wild chrysanthemum, and Silkworm sand; has grain class as buckwheat shell, and Valley bran, and cotton; also has will Wick grass, and toadlike, and waste tea, as material fill, addition using modern technology processing making of material as more hole vacuum cotton, and slow back play sea cotton, are is in market Shang penetration is high of fill material. Chinese herbal medicines since ancient times is considered to be the best pillow fill material, traditional Chinese medicine: traditional Chinese medicine as a pillow fill material in people's sleep, you can play the drug slowly for a long time, played each has different effects, you can play a role in body care and even treat disease. Corn and other plant material has been considered the traditional filling materials, mainly because they themselves have a rich composition of amino acids, in people sleeping through the skin friction and the breathing part is absorbed by the body, modern technology produced by the core material is mainly about pillows for comfort. Pillowcases have three basic styles: regular a package type, Oxford (with flat edge) and edge type. Three fixed pillow pillowcase has a product, would not have implemented strengthening measures at both sides. Cotton, cotton/polyester and rayon can be used to sew pillowcases, but the most comfortable pillow case material is made of pure cotton fabric, good air permeability and moisture absorption and does not irritate the skin.


5、How Do I Choose The Suitable Pillow

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the correct pillow.  After all, you do spend 1/3 of your life using them.  Below are some tips that can be applied as a good starting point when choosing a good, comfortable pillow.

Experts say comfort is your primary consideration, but it shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when buying pillows. You also have to think about neck support, potential allergens, and long-term durability.

Why is Choosing the Correct Pillow Important?

Pillows provide support to the head and neck while you are sleeping.  In addition to providing comfort, the right pillow should provide appropriate support for the neck and spine—alleviating or preventing any form of back and/or neck pain.

An incorrect pillow that does not provide the appropriate support in the right places can contribute to headaches, neck pain, shoulder or arm numbness, discomfort, snoring, sneezing, and wheezing (trouble breathing), which could lead to extra tossing and turning, which leads to lack of sleep. This has an effect on you both mentally and physically.

Mentally – Lack of sleep affects your concentration, judgement, memory, mood, and stress levels.

Physically – Lack of sleep can contribute to soreness and pain, slow the healing process, prolong illness, and lead to immune system breakdown, weight gain, fatigue, and a variety of other health issues.


6、Why Does my Sleeping Position Matter When Choosing a Pillow?

Everyone has their own sleeping position. There are side sleepers and back sleepers as well as stomach sleepers.  The best thing a pillow can do for you is keep your head and neck in a natural position during sleep (“natural position” means keeping your spine the same as if you are standing). To find the most appropriate pillow for your body type, you should become aware of your sleeping habits. Keep in mind that you may start sleeping in one position and end up in another.


I Sleep on my Back, now What?

Back sleepers need thinner pillows so their head isn’t thrown too far forward. Look for a pillow with extra loft in the bottom third of the pillow to cradle your neck. If you sleep on your back, you will want to consider a medium or thin pillow. The proper height for the pillow depends on your body build. Sleep experts usually recommend adding an extra pillow underneath your knees when you sleep on your back to further help align and support the natural curvature of your upper spine, which in turn provides support under your head, neck, and shoulders. A pillow that is of medium firmness would probably be the correct choice.


I Sleep on my Side, Now What?

Side sleepers need a firmer pillow to fill in the distance between the ear and outside shoulder. If you sleep on your side, then you need something to support your head and neck correctly while you sleep.  This will prevent a kink or “crick” in the neck, so to speak.  Ideally you will be looking for a medium density pillow so your spine maintains a straight, horizontal line. A firmer pillow would probably be the correct choice.


I Sleep on my Stomach, Now What?

Stomach sleepers need a thin, almost flat pillow. Some may not even need a pillow for the head but might consider tucking one under the stomach to avoid lower back pain and support the natural curvature of the spine.  Stomach sleepers should be cautious of higher profile pillows as that could increase the chance of placing their spine into very unnatural positions and causing neck or back pain.  A thinner type of pillow would probably be the correct choice.


I Move Around a lot While I’m Sleeping, Now What?

Moving around or tossing and turning in your sleep creates a need for a good all-around pillow type.  This means not too dense or thick for most individuals.  You’re looking for a pillow that provides proper support for the average build in all positions.  Some active sleepers choose a half and half pillow.  That is half memory foam on one side and latex foam on the other.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the appropriate pillow.  The above information is a great starting point when choosing a good, comfortable pillow. Below is coupon code for our readers and some of our favorite pillows.


7、Comfortable pillow assures you a good sleep

In general, if your pillow is feather&down or synthetic, it is recommended to replace it every 18 months (pillow). If it is a memory foam pillow, change it every 3 years. But this is all about experience.

There are some tips to avoid these problems.

It is best to hang the clothes in a special place instead of piled on the bed or thrown on the bedside. Because pollen, dust and other substances easily stick to the clothes, so the bed is damaged.


Do not read old books in bed. Dirty old books will have mold, you can use an e-reader to read on the bed.


It is better to keep the interior dark as you sleep, because the darkness is conducive to the secretion of melatonin and can make you sleep more.


Keeping the sleeping environment slightly lower is more likely to fall asleep.


Do not eat for a short time before going to bed.


The choice of comfortable mattresses, some people mistakenly believe that the hard mattress is better for people's health, in fact, it is a misunderstanding, in order to fit the human physiological curve, the best choice is the soft mattresses.


8、Consider The Filling When Choosing A Pillow

There are many factors that affect the quality of sleep you get each night. One of these factors is your pillow. Choosing the wrong pillow can exacerbate headaches and neck and shoulder tension. Taking time to determine what the best pillow is for you will help ensure that you wake up refreshed and ready for your day.Of course, the pillow filling is one of the important factors.

1.       Consider a down or feather pillow.

These pillows are typically made from the inner plumage of geese or ducks and can be filled according to your preference.

More firmness, or loft, suits side sleepers while less loft is better for back or stomach sleepers.

They can last up to 10 years and are resilient and breathable because they are made of a natural material.

Although there is no scientific evidence that down or feather pillows exacerbate allergies or asthma, some people prefer to avoid them.

You might wish to avoid down/feather pillows for ethical reasons, or due to asthma or allergies. In this case, there are synthetic versions available.

2.       Consider choosing a wool or cotton pillow.

A wool or cotton pillow might be particularly suitable for you if you suffer from severe allergies, as these pillows are not susceptible to dust mites or mold.

Be aware that these pillows tend to be quite firm, so they may not be the most suitable for stomach sleepers.

If you are a stomach sleeper, but you also want a pillow that is hypoallergenic, you may be able to find a very thin wool or cotton pillow.

3.       Consider a latex pillow.

These pillows are made from the sap of rubber trees, making it elastic and resilient.These pillows are good for allergy sufferers, as they are mold resistant.They tend to be cooler than memory foam and can form to fit your head and neck.

Latex pillows come in all shapes and sizes. Consistencies vary as well, some use shredded material while others are made of solid cores.

They do not offer as much ‘give’ as a memory foam pillow and can be quite heavy, and expensive.

4.       Consider a memory foam pillow.

These pillows are made of polyurethane, which is then mixed with additional chemicals.They provide good support, especially if you have neck, jaw, or shoulder problems.High density is best in order to avoid the material breaking down.

Be aware that this material can make you hot, as it doesn't "breathe."

If you tend to move around a lot, these pillows may be uncomfortable since they take a bit of time to mold into different shapes.


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10、Packing and Shipping

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