The Walking Luxury Hotel


Cruise travel is a brand-new way of travel, allowing you to experience the ultimate comfort and beauty among the waves and sunlight. With the development of tourism, more and more people love to travel and want to explore the unknown world, but traditional travel always brings deep exhaustion in the end. Nonstop transfers between tourist attractions and frequent hotel changes make you feel bored. But all can end here in cruise travel.


 Century Glory-the New Generation of Cruise Set Sail on Yangtze River

Century cruise ship series include: Century Myth, Century Emperor, Century Diamond, Century Legend, Century Brilliance, Century Gem. And Century Glory is a new generation of environment-friendly, safe and intelligent cruise ship.

Century Glory hired top design companies at home and abroad domestic and invited the well-known Dutch design company Studio-L to operate the interior design of the cruise. As always, it has maintained or even surpassed the five-star standard. 

There are 8 types of guest rooms, including Presidential Suite, Glory Suite, Executive Suite, and Family Theme Suite, etc to meet the needs of different groups of people.

"Full mute": All rooms are set in the front of the cruise ship, so you can avoid the noise disturbance during sailing;

"Zero Paint": Although it is a new cruise ship, all the decorations are strictly selected from green and environment-friendly high-quality materials recognized by our country;

"Super Comfort": The central air conditioner regulates the indoor temperature to the optimal skin temperature. The independent fresh air system in the room inhales fresh air at any time, making people feel comfortable.


The bedding in the glory room is customized by the hotel linen integration solution operator-Jiangsu Sidefu Textile Co., Ltd. in conjunction with COTTON USA, combining the decoration of the cruise ship and the style of the suite to customize VIP linen products. All gives every customer ultimate sleeping experience.

   Don't you still love such a super five-star luxury cruise? One ticket for all you can imagine instead of envying other people's poetry and distance.

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