Why Is It That The Comfort Of Five-star Hotel Linen Has Changed Greatly When You Buy It Home?!


Is the big change in comfort really true? Or fake? What is the basis? This also starts from the human body's feeling, which is the direct response of objective things (environmental conditions) in the human brain, including vision, temperature, touch, smell and hearing. When the human body feels positive external information, it will feel comfortable and comfortable, and vice versa.




To a certain extent, color will affect people's mood, behavior and sleep quality, which is related to gender, age, nationality, region and other factors. Generally speaking, the hotel adopts a single soft color, orange in the sunset environment, because this color will promote melatonin in the human body, which is conducive to sleep.


Under the soft light, the clean space, the scattered and well-organized home, the towels and bedding are stacked neatly and uniformly, the white, long loops, and the fluffy arc-shaped core products all convey the positive information of sleep to the human body.


2、skin sense

Skin sense, also known as touch, is the feeling caused by objects with mechanical and temperature characteristics acting on skin organs. It is divided into four basic senses: pain, temperature, cold and touch (pressure)

When ordinary people sleep, the indoor relative humidity is 65 ~ 70%, and the temperature is 20 ℃ - 23 ℃. Below 20 ℃, people will curl up and wrap the quilt tightly because of cold; Above 23 ℃, people will be agitated because of heat; People are most likely to fall asleep when the quilt temperature is between 32 ℃ and 34 ℃. Humidity and temperature complement each other, and humidity will also affect the survival time of bacteria, human perspiration and heat dissipation, human respiratory system and immunity. For example, the wet cold and damp heat in the south are more painful than the dry cold and dry heat in the north.

The hotel creates a good sleep "microenvironment" through the central air-conditioning system and suitable quilt core. At the same time, the washed cotton clothing, bedding and toiletries will have a special caressing effect on the skin due to the contraction and expansion functions caused by the hydrophilicity of cotton fibers. Therefore, when it is used for the first time, the human body feels particularly comfortable. The hotel's one-day wash or one guest wash service can frequently trigger the comfort code of the human skin layer.



Sleep research experts from the University of Hamburg in Germany carried out this study. People with rotten egg smell will dream of unpleasant things, such as being killed or chased, and at the same time evaluate their sleep quality as "poor" or "average"; Rose fragrance makes people sleep well, and the content of dreams makes them feel happy.


The natural fragrance of cotton fiber emitted from washed bedding and toiletries quietly soothes people's olfactory nerves under specific temperature and humidity conditions.



As for the noise environmental quality of living quarters, the state stipulates that the noise shall be lower than 55 dB in the daytime and 45 dB at night. 0-20 dB, very quiet, hardly perceptible; 20-40 decibels, quiet, like whisper; 40-60 dB, general, acceptable; 60-70 dB, noisy and nerve damaging. When the sudden noise is 40 dB, 10% of the people can wake up; When it reaches 60 dB, 70% of the people will wake up.


Five star hotels have high requirements for noise indicators, giving guests a good sense of "quiet" experience. Generally speaking, the noise of guest rooms at night is below 30 dB. However, if you are too quiet, you will feel a sense of fear.


Taste is not directly related to sleep, but it is complementary to smell……


If the above positive environmental factors are taken as the standard, there is no doubt that five-star hotels are one of the most professional places. Most families can't reach it. Even if you're a rich person, you still need professionalism and ideas. Therefore, when five-star hotel linen is bought home, its comfort changes greatly. Usually, there are no problems with products, hotels, manufacturers and consumers. Most of them are caused by differences in external factors such as the scene of using products, mood, washing and maintenance plans. It is a normal phenomenon that the comfort changes caused by such differences. So, how to properly narrow this difference?

First of all, consumers should buy the products of famous brand hotels or manufacturers; Secondly, hotels, consumers and linen manufacturers should jointly improve the cognitive ability of linen comfort; Thirdly, during the purchase process, both parties fully communicated and took the initiative to give friendly reminders to avoid misunderstanding; Finally, consumers should try their best to improve the home environment and the washing and maintenance conditions of linen, so as to narrow the difference in comfort.

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