Down Can Also Be Sold By Flower, Do You Know?


1、 Duck down&goose down

Good duck down? Or goose down? Although this is not a new topic, it is very important. Don't rush to make a conclusion, but first look at what the experts say. It can be seen at a glance through the diagram.


Generally, due to the difference in growth cycle, the length and size range of goose feather and down are longer and larger than those of duck feather and down, and the down filament of goose feather is thinner and longer than that of duck feather, so goose feather is softer than duck feather and has better thermal insulation.  NO.2

Goose down has fewer nodes and longer node spacing, while duck down has more nodes and shorter node spacing.


There is - HS group in duck down, which has a slight smell compared with goose down. It shows that duck down has a poor odor level, while goose down has a better odor level.


Due to the low crystallinity of goose down fiber, goose down fiber is softer than duck down fiber.

   Therefore, in general, the comprehensive performance of goose down is slightly better than that of duck down, but the price of goose down is also more expensive than that of duck down, so the cost performance ratio of goose down and duck down is similar. However, the smell and softness of down quilts sold by regular manufacturers, whether duck down or goose down, can meet the national standards and consumer needs.


2、 Down fluffy

There are old and new versions of puffiness. The old version means that a certain amount of down is placed in a specific container and measured by the size of down volume. The larger the volume, the higher the puffiness, and vice versa. The common puffiness of 800 is 800 cubic inches. The new version means that a certain amount of down is put in a specific container, measured by the height of the pile of down. The higher the height, the higher the fluffy degree. On the contrary, the lower the fluffy degree. The common fluffy degree is 18, which is 18 cm. GB/T10288-2003 Down and Feather Inspection Method stipulates that the conversion constant between the unit of puffiness and cubic inch is 28.77. For example, the puffiness is 800 cubic inches, which is equivalent to 27.80cm.

   In order to further measure the quality of down, China Down Industry Association has specially formulated a group - T/CFDIA001-2016 Down Grading Standard, which is to meet the needs of the market and enterprises and provide high-end down products for the market. On the basis of qualified products, this standard puts forward a higher quality standard for fluffy down, so as to improve the product grade and reflect the principle of high quality and good price. However, this standard is not mandatory and the manufacturer voluntarily adopts it.

The above table shows that under the same conditions, the fluffy degree of goose down is higher than that of duck down; In general, goose and duck down that meet the threading index of GB/T17685 Down and Feather can only reach AAA at the highest level. In order to reach above AAA, better down raw materials must be selected.


3、 On Quality by Flowers

What I shared with you above is the fluffy degree of general down. For some feathers with better quality, in addition to showing greater fluffy degree, there is also a more intuitive discrimination index, that is, the number of down flowers. Is it true that I have never heard of them? In fact, I have never heard of them before. It is also the unique skill of pressing the bottom of the box that the product engineer brought out during the company's training recently.

In general, for a certain amount of down, the larger the number of down flowers is, the less the number of down flowers is, the better the fluffy degree is, and vice versa. Three kinds of goose down are selected below, and relevant elements are measured for reference only (220 * 240cm goose down quilt is taken as an example).

   Next, we will introduce the 500 type boutique duvet. As we all know, it is very difficult for the down content of industrial products to exceed 95% in general, while the 500 type boutique duvet is selected by hand one by one to ensure that the number of down pieces per gram does not exceed 500, which can increase the down content to more than 98%, and there is almost no different color hair. It can be called the boutique of the duvet, and the cost performance ratio is high.


4、 Down allergy

So down has so many advantages, are there any disadvantages? Down also has a small disadvantage, which is down allergy. People with down allergy must be careful to use the duvet. Therefore, public accommodation places, especially hotels, should actively remind guests to avoid unnecessary trouble. The allergy caused by down has various manifestations. Generally, after using down products for several days, red papules of different sizes appear on the body, affecting rest and sleep. The original asthma can be induced or aggravated. After the use of down products is stopped, the above symptoms will gradually reduce and disappear.

   The cause of this allergy is that down is an allergen, so when you find that the above symptoms are related to the use of down products, you should stop using them. At the same time, you should use anti allergic drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

The above is just to share some tips for consumers to choose and buy down quilts. In particular, in the process of purchasing, you should first check whether the product's logo content is complete, such as material, product standard, grade, filling amount, manufacturer, contact number, etc., and then use some purchasing skills to choose a high-quality down quilt.

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