Why are the pillows in five-star hotels so comfortable? Can fall asleep quickly!


People spend more than one third of their life on pillows, so choose a healthy and comfortable pillow is very worthwhile and important thing.

Only when people get enough and full sleep can they devote themselves to all kinds of work energetically during the day. The quality of sleep is also closely related to the pillow that is padded every night. In order to sleep better, a comfortable pillow is essential.


However, everyone's sleeping habits are different. Too high or too low a pillow will affect sleep. Therefore, the hotel will generally prepare several pillows of different heights for guests to choose, so that users can have the most comfortable pillow height.

For hotels, pillows are essential to improve the sleep quality of customers. Therefore, five-star hotels are particularly strict in choosing pillows. The warp and weft density of the pillow surface fabric should not be less than 6080 to ensure that the cloth surface is smooth, clean and breathable, mostly white.

The pillow core of high-end hotels is mainly made of feather velvet. Because of its special three-dimensional triangular structure, it will be more fluffy and soft, and can maintain the head temperature, and can automatically adjust the temperature inside the quilt to achieve the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer. Even if you hit others with all your strength, you will not feel any pain. You can have a sudden pillow fight with your roommates, family, colleagues, and even passers-by. It is absolutely exciting. This is why friends who often stay in five-star hotels feel that pillows are more comfortable than at home. Not only will you sleep soundly, but also you will feel the pillow closely fit your body and spine when you lie down. When I wake up in the morning, I don't feel any discomfort but feel refreshed~

SIDEFU provides you with pillow inserts specially provided by five-star hotels

   This pillow is soft and comfortable, fully supporting the neck, hollow, resilient, breathable, full and elastic to the touch, giving you a 36D like feeling. It is fluffy, soft and warm. It can calm your nerves and help you sleep. You will never feel uncomfortable. It will give you a fine night's sleep.


The surface of the pillow core is made of cotton, which is comfortable and breathable. It can keep dry even after sleeping all night. Xinjiang long staple cotton is preferred. The natural cotton is soft and non irritating. The interior is filled with down filling, which has a high fluffy degree. At the same time, it feels very soft and smooth, without odor, pollution or additives, and has a fresh, natural and warm smell.


The height of the pillow is in line with the aesthetic design of the human body, and it fits tightly and comfortably. The pillow core fabric is made of cotton fabric with high count, fine and smooth feel, and it is breathable and healthy against the skin. Pillow core adopts double line flattening design, which is not easy to be disconnected, with fine stitches and exquisite workmanship. Fine workmanship, every stitch and line are carefully made, so that the filler will not be exposed, which is both beautiful and practical. The washable design ensures the cleanness of the pillow core. After the pillow is produced, it adopts a new vacuum packaging design, which does not touch hands or external air, and ensures the most original and pure materials to meet the living needs of high-quality people. After opening, remove the package, the pillow will breathe by itself, and immediately return to the fluffy and soft state. Lie down, soft and comfortable as clouds, and you will feel sleepy every minute!!


Pillows are related to sleep quality, cervical vertebra and health. Good sleep, good health, good life and work. You can easily enjoy the five-star hotel treatment and improve the quality of life for a third of the time in the future. Why don't you change more comfortable pillow inserts?

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