What are the materials of hotel slippers?

When you are a little tired during the journey, when you return to the hotel and enter the room, the first thing you will think of is to change a pair of comfortable slippers to relax your feet. Details determine quality. It is very important to have a pair of comfortable slippers when staying in a

Is it necessary to buy a mattress protector?

For a long time, the mattress protective cover is very controversial. Some people think it is necessary to buy it, and some people think it unnecessary. Is it necessary to buy a mattress protector? Let's take a look, and also see how to clean it every day.

What if the duvet has a bad smell

As the down quilt is filled with duck down and goose down, some products do have peculiar smell. In daily life, if the down quilt has little peculiar smell, the peculiar smell can be removed by ventilation. If the peculiar smell is serious, it needs to be cleaned or removed with lemonade.

Why does the hotel choose white?

Business trip, travel, meeting relatives and friends... The hotel has become the second "home" in our journey. I believe people who have stayed in hotels have noticed that the bed sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases in the guest rooms are all white!

How to choose the right pillow

The importance of pillows in bedding is no less than that of beds. If you choose an inappropriate pillow, it will cause certain pressure on the cervical spine, and it is easy to suffer from cervical diseases. Therefore, you must choose an appropriate pillow.

What is the material of summer cool quilt?

Summer has come. We will put away the thick quilt and replace it with a cool summer quilt. How to choose the right summer quilt? Today, Sidefu will introduce you the materials of summer cool quilt.

Tips for choosing bath towels

Bath towels are used to dry the water off our body after we take a bath, so it is a skin-friendly product. The quality of bath towels is related to our health. So how to choose a bath towel? Sidefu will take you to find out.

Why Hotel Towels Lint?

Water Ink Series Hotel Linens

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