How to choose the right pillow


The importance of pillows in bedding is no less than that of beds. If you choose an inappropriate pillow, it will cause certain pressure on the cervical spine, and it is easy to suffer from cervical diseases. Therefore, you must choose an appropriate pillow. Now let's learn about the pillow selection skills from the following.

   Skill 1: simple self-examination criteria for judging whether to change pillows:

1. In the absence of other physical diseases, I often feel numb and sour in the neck after waking up in the morning.

2. The pillow has lost its elasticity and needs to be patted for a while to restore some elasticity.

3. After adjusting the pillow with difficulty, it quickly returns to flat.

4. The pillow is caked and uneven, and the filler has a damp odor.


Skill 2: change pillows frequently

Many people change their pillows every four years. In fact, pillows should be changed every 1 to 3 years.

Because old and dirty pillows are easy to breed mold and mites, causing allergies or respiratory diseases. The selected pillows should be easy to clean and dry, so that the pillows can be used for a long time, and your sleep health can be guaranteed.


Skill 3: pillow height should be appropriate

1、 When sleeping on your back, the compression height of the pillow should be 5cm ~8cm. The height should be equal to the height of your fist after compression, that is, the tiger's mouth clenches its fist upward, and the height of the pillow is equal to the height of a vertical fist.

2. When sleeping on the side, according to the shoulder width of each person, the compression height of women's pillows is 7 cm ~12 cm, and that of men's pillows is 11 cm ~14 cm. That is, the pillow height is equal to the width of one shoulder, which is the appropriate height.

3. The pillow should have certain elasticity to reduce the pressure between the pillow and the scalp, maintain appropriate pressure and ensure blood circulation. But too strong elasticity is not good. The head is constantly subjected to external elasticity, which is easy to produce muscle fatigue and injury. Such as spring pillows, air pillows, etc., are not healthy pillows.

Skill 4: pillow core should be conducive to sleep

Sleep disorder is a kind of disease, usually manifested as difficulty in falling asleep at night, increased number of early wakes, and lethargy, lack of vitality and reluctance to participate in social activities during the day. For a long time, it is easy to cause psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. Choosing a high-quality pillow that is conducive to sleep can alleviate this situation and bring health to the body.

   1、 The advantages and disadvantages of natural fillers are as follows:

Compared with man-made chemical fiber, some people prefer to use pillows filled with natural materials, especially the elderly, who prefer this type of pillow.

1. Down: down fiber has good resilience, temperature and humidity regulation functions, and high permeability, which can provide a dry and comfortable "small environment" for the human body. The disadvantage is that down pillows cannot be washed, and people with allergies had better avoid using such pillows to avoid respiratory discomfort.

2. Buckwheat shell pillow: buckwheat shell pillow is comfortable and practical. It is a pillow made of natural materials and has a long history. Buckwheat has a tough and unbreakable diamond structure, and the pillow made of buckwheat skin fits the curve of the head and neck very well, making it very comfortable. The cleaning method of this pillow is also very simple. It is to put it in the sun regularly.

3. Mung bean shell pillow: mung bean skin is the shell that falls off after mung bean sprouts (bean sprouts). Its characteristics are cool, breathable and fast heat dissipation. It can help sleep, promote blood circulation, reduce head temperature and is beneficial to the brain. After a day's activity, the fire of the human body will rise at night, so that the head will accumulate hot gas. The mung bean shell can be annealed and cooled to help sleep. It is more comfortable to use in hot summer. When it is cold in winter, a pillow towel can be added to the pillow.

4. Lavender: 100% pure natural lavender pillow filling is made by carefully screening and airing the natural herb Lavender after removing the flower branches and leaves, leaving the petals, preserving the natural aromatic essence. It smells fragrant and has the functions of calming mood, driving away wind, lowering blood pressure and detoxifying.


2、 The advantages and disadvantages of artificial fillers are as follows:

1. Latex filler: latex is a kind of filling material made of natural rubber through one-time molding by "foaming" process. Because it comes from pure natural materials, it is non-toxic and tasteless,

No adverse effect on human body. The integral structure of the emulsion avoids the interference of small fibers to the human body, and is especially suitable for allergic and asthmatic patients. 3S pillow additional

The latex has good air permeability, is not easy to deform and is easy to shape, and can provide appropriate support for the cervical spine. However, due to raw material factors, the price of latex pillows is relatively expensive.

2. Hollow fiber: hollow fiber is a product of high technology. It is a kind of composite material. One to several holes are penetrated through the ordinary man-made fiber with poor air permeability, so that each fiber can store more air. The pillow made of this filler has greatly improved its elasticity, warmth retention, looseness and service life. Due to the difference of materials and additives, some also have health care and medical functions.

3. Ordinary man-made fiber: this kind of filler is made of chemical fiber cotton wadding, which is convenient for washing. It can even be washed by washing machine, and can also be compressed and stored by vacuum compression bag, and the price is cheap. However, the chemical fiber cotton wadding is not very breathable, and it is easy to agglomerate after a long time of use, so it lacks elasticity and its service life will be shorter.

The above content is about the selection skills of pillows. I hope you can help after understanding.


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