The difference between flannel and coral

Suede fabrics are also divided into several different types. Flannel and coral are common blanket materials in the market. Next, SIDEFU will talk about the difference between flannel and coral, and which is better.

What are the characteristics of coral fleece?

Coral fleece is a popular fabric in the market in recent years. Its texture is fine, and there will be no pilling and fading, so it is very popular in the market. But everything has two sides. Next, SIDEFU will introduce the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of coral fleece fabric.

What is the material of the hotel table cloth?

Hotel tablecloths are usually used to protect the desktop from oil, wear and scald on the furniture surface. When choosing the material of tablecloth, we should consider its wear resistance, washing resistance and try to choose thinner materials. What materials do hotel tablecloth usually have?

What is the use of hotel bed runner?

When staying in a hotel, you can often see a gorgeous cloth strip at the end of the bed.In fact, this cloth has a professional name, called bed runner, also known as bed scarf or bed mat, which is common in the guest rooms of high-end hotels. What is the use of hotel bed runner?

What is washed cotton?

As the name suggests, washed cotton is washable cotton. Maybe many people are not very clear about what is washed cotton, what characteristics it has, and what is the difference between washed cotton and pure cotton. Then  follow SIDEFU to learn about it!

Factors affecting the washing effect of towels

Washing special towels for five-star hotels is a very meticulous work. First of all, detergent should be used correctly, followed by standard washing process.But sometimes the washing effect of hotel towels is unsatisfactory. So what are the factors that affect the washing effect of hotel towels?

Characteristics of microfiber hotel towels

Microfiber hotel towels set, hotel linen manufacturer, supplier in China. Weclome to contact us to get detailed offer according to your exact request.

What are the materials of hotel slippers?

When you are a little tired during the journey, when you return to the hotel and enter the room, the first thing you will think of is to change a pair of comfortable slippers to relax your feet. Details determine quality. It is very important to have a pair of comfortable slippers when staying in a

Is it necessary to buy a mattress protector?

For a long time, the mattress protective cover is very controversial. Some people think it is necessary to buy it, and some people think it unnecessary. Is it necessary to buy a mattress protector? Let's take a look, and also see how to clean it every day.

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