How to prevent hotel bedding from getting wet?


Hotel bedding directly affects guests’ experience of the hotel. If the bedding is relatively wet, it will give the guest a feeling of heaviness and moistness. If the situation is serious, it will also bring physical damage to the guests. The discomfort will also damage the service life of the hotel bedding.

  So how to prevent hotel bedding from getting wet?

The first thing is to keep the hotel room dry. You can use limestone, charcoal or dehumidification bag to absorb moisture. Pack it in a small cloth bag and place it in every corner of the room to keep the air dry. Use it for a period of time and then replace it with new dry materials.

The second is to dry hotel bedding regularly. After the bedding having been used for a period of time, it should be dried in the sun or in a ventilated place according to the characteristics of the bedding fabric and filling. During the rainy season, pay attention to the humidity of the bedding. Dry them in the sun can make the bedding soft and fluffy. 

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