Tips for choosing bath towels


Bath towels are used to dry the water off our body after we take a bath, so it is a skin-friendly product. The quality of bath towels is related to our health. So how to choose a bath towel? Sidefu will take you to find out.

1. Choose a thick and light bath towel. The thick bath towel is highly absorbent and feels very warm when wrapped around the body. But if it is too heavy, it will make people worry when cleaning, because it is very laborious to rub and it is not easy to dry.

2. Look at the price. Too cheap bath towels are often rough in texture, have a strong smell, and are not good for health.

3. Look at the color. When choosing the color of the bath towel, it is best to choose a light-colored bath towel. Because the darker the color, the more chemicals have been added, so when choosing skin-friendly products, a color-coded bath towel is a better choice.

4. Look at the feel. The high-quality pure cotton towel feels fluffy and heavy, soft and non-greasy, soft and elastic in the fist, and no lint falls off when slapped.

5. Pay attention to the problem of hair loss. Many bath towels have the problem of hair loss. The size of the bath towels is relatively large, and hair loss will be very troublesome. When buying, you should pay attention to whether the hair quality is excellent. The newly bought bath towels should be washed separately to see if they can fall off the hair. If you wash lint bath towels with other clothes, it will stick to other clothes and will be difficult to clean up.


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