The Changes in Hotel Textiles


   Hotels can be divided into business type, vacation type, conference type, economy type, and apartment type. More and more people prefer vacation type hotels. But when people arrive at one tourist attraction, too many people will frighten many tourists. They have no choice but to stay in their guest rooms.

   This kind of change overturn the original function of guest rooms and increase demand for meals and leisure. And the supplies in hotel rooms will also change with the needs of the hotels.

      At present, most hotels choose down and polyester products as fillers for pillows and duvets. Both types are not suitable for washing. For polyester products, you can choose anti-odor and antibacterial fiber as filler, such as INVISTA 5.5D antibacterial fiber.

     For down products, you can choose waterproof and antibacterial down to reduce the hygroscopicity of down. This is especially important for southern hotels with higher humidity.

   As the pillows and duvets are hard to wash, we use three proofing materials as protective covers of pillows and duvets. In addition to the use of "three-proof" fabrics, waterproof and TPU fabrics can be used as pillow protectors

    The “stay in hotel” style will also lead to an increase in demand for intelligent textiles. For example, an intelligent music pillow. Residents can lie on the pillows to enjoy customized professional sleep-aid music and listen to the wonderful music collected in their mobile phones, which can liberate their ears.

    However, with the occurrence of the hotel’s staying phenomenon, functional products such as antibacterial, mite removal, water and oil repellent and intelligent textiles will continue to enter into the hotel. The demand from the client will drive the consumption upgrade of functional textiles.

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