The difference between flannel and coral


Suede fabric, which is often used as infant products and clothing, is loved by people because of its soft and comfortable hand feel and the hot touch. This comfortable and economical fabric makes it easy for us to find its trace in the market. Suede fabrics are also divided into several different types. Flannel and coral are common blanket materials in the market. Next, SIDEFU will talk about the difference between flannel and coral, and which is better.



1、 The difference between flannel and coral velvet

1. These two kinds of fabrics have comfortable wearing feeling and good thermal insulation performance, and the biggest difference is that they use different raw materials. Flannel was originally produced in Wales, England, in the 18th century. It is blended with raw wool after dyeing. In the manufacturing process, twill and plain knitting techniques are used, and the final product is soft and tight. The raw material of coral fleece is polyester fiber, which forms fleece through heating, deformation, cooling, shaping and other processes. Its fibers have a high density, have a coral like shape, have good coverage, and are easy to process and dye. In recent years, the production technology has been continuously improved, and the coral fleece fabric also has more colors and styles for consumers to choose. You can often see the colorful coral fleece cushion blanket products.


2. The raw materials for the production of flannel and coral wool are different. Compared with polyester fiber, wool has better softness, and the plush of the woven products is also close, and the thickness is higher than that of polyester fiber.



2、 Which is better, flannel or coral wool


1. Hair loss: flannel is fine and tight, while coral is relatively thick and sparse, so coral is easy to lose hair, while flannel will not.

2. Thermal performance: flannel fabric is thicker and weighs much more than coral wool, but its thermal performance is not as good as coral wool, and the cover is also thicker than coral wool. In addition, flannel may be deformed and pilling after cleaning.

3. Feel: the fleece of flannel is soft and smooth, while the surface of coral fleece has coral like small particles, so the feel of flannel is better than that of coral fleece.

4. Pattern: the pattern on the surface of flannel is more clear and bright, while the pattern on the surface of coral velvet is very vague.

5. Price: flannel is a wool product with advanced technology, so the price is higher than coral wool.


The above is the introduction of flannel and coral wool. In general, flannel has better hand feel, comfort and beauty than coral wool, but coral wool has lower price and better warmth retention effect. You can choose according to your actual needs. I hope the above content is helpful to everyone.


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