What are the materials of hotel slippers?


When you are a little tired during the journey, when you return to the hotel and enter the room, the first thing you will think of is to change a pair of comfortable slippers to relax your feet. Details determine quality. It is very important to have a pair of comfortable slippers when staying in a hotel. Some five-star hotels provide disposable slippers that are not only light to wear, but also very breathable. There are also some cheaper hotels that provide less satisfactory slippers. In fact, this is related to the material and production technology of slippers. So what materials will be used in disposable slippers in hotels? Next, SIDEFU will explain it to you here.


1、Material of disposable slipper cover in Hotel


1. Towel material cover

Towel slippers have high thermal insulation, strong water resistance, water absorption and scalability. In addition, towel materials are more productive and faster than textile fabrics. Usually, slippers made of this material have a non slip sole, which is comfortable and wear-resistant.

2. Non spinning material cover

Non spinning is composed of random fibers. This material is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-toxic and non irritating, and the price is very low.


3. Plaid cover

The upper of plaid slippers is made of pure cotton fabric. The slippers made of this material are beautiful in color, comfortable and beautiful, well made, breathable and cool to wear, not easy to deform, and will not cause damage to the floor, but the price is also relatively expensive.


2、Sole material of hotel slippers


1. TPR bottom

TPR is a thermoplastic rubber material. The process of TPR bottom is divided into soft bottom and hard bottom. Side seam bottom, rubber bottom, beef tendon bottom, blow molding bottom and adhesive bottom can all be classified into this category. The slippers with TPR sole have the advantages of softness, waterproof and certain wear resistance.


2. EVA bottom

It is made by copolymerization of ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA). This kind of bottom will feel strange to many people. In fact, it is not strange to people who often travel. Hotel slippers are basically made of this kind of bottom. The advantages of EVA bottom are: firm, light and easy to clean.


3. Point plastic cloth bottom

Point plastic cloth is not very popular in China, because many people feel inconvenient and think that this material has poor waterproof performance. But in fact, many high-end hotels use slippers with plastic soles, because this material has very good skid resistance and excellent mute effect. It is very soft, light and non slip to use.


4. Cloth bottom

Cloth soled slippers are suitable for wooden floors. They are soft and comfortable and easy to clean. Most of them can be directly thrown into the washing machine for cleaning.


5. PVC bottom

This is a synthetic process after EVA bottom is wrapped with a layer of leather. The sole of the outer sewn shoes is also mostly made of this material. Economical hotels usually use EVA soles. Medium and high-end hotels will choose slippers with TPR, PVC and cloth soles according to their needs.


Seeing the materials of the covers and soles introduced above, you should know what materials we often see in hotel disposable slippers. If you need to purchase disposable slippers, please consult SIDEFU. SIDEFU Textile, well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various linen products in China, has served many five-star hotels and owned good reputation for the quality of our products. Now, welcome to buy or wholesale linen products with our factory.


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