What is the material of the hotel table cloth?


Hotel tablecloths are usually used to protect the desktop from oil, wear and scald on the furniture surface. When choosing the material of tablecloth, we should consider its wear resistance, washing resistance and other aspects, and try to choose thinner materials. What materials do hotel tablecloth usually have?


1、Cotton tablecloth:

As we all know, cotton has very strong water absorption and softness, which makes it feel particularly comfortable to touch, without any stimulation in contact with skin, and cotton tablecloths are very environmentally friendly. However, the price of cotton tablecloths will be relatively higher. Because of its strong water absorption, cotton tablecloths are easy to shrink, wrinkle and stick when washing. Therefore, we generally recommend that hotels purchase pure white or light colored cotton tablecloths, so that the tablecloths are easy to take care of, and more durable and beautiful.


2、PVC tablecloth:

After surface treatment, PVC fabric can extend its service life, its surface is smooth, and its water resistance has reached 100%. The PVC series of table cloth is not easy to fade and fade, and it is easy to clean and preserve at the same time. More importantly, this kind of PVC tablecloth has various colors and patterns. If the hotel wants to use it, it can be selected according to the decoration style. However, compared with the soft and delicate cotton tablecloth, it appears to be "stiff", and the PVC tablecloth is not wear-resistant, easy to damage, not strong in heat resistance, and easy to deform in case of high temperature.


3、Satin tablecloth:

Silk has always been a symbol of nobility for Chinese people since ancient times. Especially in ancient times, silk was a luxury for ordinary people. Therefore, the tablecloth made of silk gives people the first impression of being luxurious and solemn. Satin has smooth surface, high gloss, and excellent visual and tactile effects. It is more waterproof than cotton tablecloth, resistant to high temperature, not easy to wrinkle, not easy to deform, and has excellent sag. Therefore, high star hotels generally purchase such tablecloths for receiving high-level VIPs and grand activities. However, its shortcomings are also obvious, it is not easy to wash, it is not easy to preserve, the price is relatively high, and the production process is relatively complex.      

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